Welcome to the web portal for the information related to the Indian scientists. The purpose of this website is to preserve the details about the rich heritage of Indian science. This website is always under construction and if you do not see the information you need, please contact us. Your active participation will accelerate the work on this website. 

    Students in India are barely aware of their own scientists. The textbooks are not designed to teach about the rich scientific heritage of India. An undergraduate or even a postgraduate in science in India do not know about the discoveries made by the Indian scientists. Padakshep took up this area to create an awareness among the young students to facilitate the growth of future scientists in India.

    If you wish to participate in this project please contact us. Padakshep is looking for dedicated volunteers for this project to ensure we can include as much details of the Indian science heritage as we can.

    Padakshep requests you to share whatever information you have about the scientists listed on this website. If the scientist is not included in this website please feel free to contact us with details.